We take reservations for 2-6 people via our online booking system.
We also hold tables for walk-ins, so if the system doesn’t have the time you want, you can come in and wait at the bar for a table.
We take bookings online for up to 15 people Sunday to Wednesday for dinner. For groups of 7 or more Thursday to Saturday for dinner, or groups of 7 or more for brunch on the weekend, please email
Please note we ask all groups of 7 or more on a Friday and Saturday night after 6.30pm to order from the set menu.

Our restaurant is a very busy one, we kindly ask parents with buggies to fold them on arrival, we can store the buggies in the basement. We cannot allow buggies in the main floor of the restaurant.

Our sittings times for groups of 5 ore more for dinner is 2 hours, for brunch its 1 hour 30 minutes.
For parties of 2 to 4 people for dinner, its 1 hour 30 mins. And for brunch, its one hour and 15 mins.

Taco Specials

Sunday to Thursday all night. Friday and Saturday 'til 6.30pm. Price Per Taco



Hoi sin chinese style w/ char-grilled pineapple & green chilli salsa, chinese cabbage, sour cream & pickled red onion



Monk fish sh tails tempura ba ered, charred sweetcorn & green onion salsa, hot sauce & iceberg



Avocado salsa, iceberg lettuce, red pepper mayo, grilled chorizo & shaved coconut



Refried beans, poblano chilli peppers, fried onions, sour cream, manchego



Char-grilled pineapple salsa & green chilli salsa, chinese cabbage, sour cream & red pickled red onion



Tajín lime & chilli seasoning & classic buffet coleslaw



Avocado, tomato and red chili salsa, iceberg lettuce and mint raita



Charred sweetcorn & green onion salsa, hot sauce & iceberg


Jugs of Cocktails

Sundays & Mondays

Rum Punch • Margarita • Gin & Juice


Every Day 5pm to 6pm

Sangria • White Wine Cooler


Jugs Serve 4

Taco Taco New Interior