Good and bad news guys!

The bad news first. After 2 1/ 2 years or so, our little pop up restaurant which stayed for much longer than anyone expected is now popping down! Taco Taco is now closed from today Friday 20th October at Dame Court. Huge thanks to all the staff, in particular our manager Mark Lynch. And even bigger thanks to our customers. We had a great run in this venue. It rocked hard.

But the good news is we are just about there with a new venue for Taco Taco. Hoping to be in before Christmas. And its going to rock even harder.

In the meantime, our small house party that now has now turned into one of the hottest nights in the city, The Taco Taco R'n'B and Hip Hop Party continues every Saturday night at Eastside Tavern. No one knows why it works, but its provocative, it gets the people going.

Keep an eye on our website, twitter, instagram and facebook for the update on the new venue.

Thanks for all the support.

Team Taco