We take reservations for 2-6 people via our online booking system.
We also hold tables for walk-ins, so if the system doesn’t have the time you want, you can come in and wait at the bar for a table.
We take bookings online for up to 15 people Sunday to Wednesday for dinner. For groups of 7 or more Thursday to Saturday for dinner, or groups of 7 or more for brunch on the weekend, please email
Please note we ask all groups of 7 or more on a Friday and Saturday night after 6.30pm to order from the set menu.

Our restaurant is a very busy one, we kindly ask parents with buggies to fold them on arrival, we can store the buggies in the basement. We cannot allow buggies in the main floor of the restaurant.

Our sittings times for groups of 5 ore more for dinner is 2 hours, for brunch its 1 hour 30 minutes.
For parties of 2 to 4 people for dinner, its 1 hour 30 mins. And for brunch, its one hour and 15 mins.

Dinner Menu

Friday and Saturday post 6.30pm for dinner, we kindly ask all groups of 7 or more to order from our group menu.



Butternut squash tostados

w/ maple & chilli, feta cheese, salsa verde & beetroot slaw


Pulled pork tostados

w/ pineapple & green chilli, sour cream & pickled red onion


Ensalada Mexicana

w/ buffalo mozzarella, charred sweetcorn & spring onion salsa, avocado, iceberg lettuce, lime green goddess dressing


Char-grilled flat breads

w/ chickpea hummus, beetroot slaw, mint raita & rocket, orange & red chilli salsa


Shrimp popcorn

w/ char-grilled pineapple, spring onion & green chilli salsa


Veggie starter nachos

w/ Indian spiced yellow split pea dahl, avocado & tomato salsa, cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos, sour cream & hot sauce


Starter nachos

Bbq chilli beef w/ avocado & tomato salsa, cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos, sour cream & hot sauce


Maple and chilli roast butternut squash tostadas (v)

Maple and chilli roast butternut squash tostados w/ feta cheese, salsa verde and beetroot slaw.


Crab tostadas

Apple, cucumber, radish, chipotle



w/ sour cream, tomato salsa & nacho chips


Cajun pulled pork empanadas

Cajun pulled pork empanadas w/ sour cream and pickled red onion


Crispy fried calamari rings

lemon & garlic aioli, tomato marinara sauce


Taco Specials

Sunday to Thursday all night. Friday and Saturday ’til 6.30pm.
Price Per Taco



Hoi sin chinese style w/ char-grilled pineapple & green chilli salsa, chinese cabbage, sour cream & pickled red onion



Monk fish sh tails tempura ba ered, charred sweetcorn & green onion salsa, hot sauce & iceberg



Avocado salsa, iceberg lettuce, red pepper mayo, grilled chorizo & shaved coconut



Refried beans, poblano chilli peppers, fried onions, sour cream, manchego



Char-grilled pineapple salsa & green chilli salsa, chinese cabbage, sour cream & red pickled red onion



Tajín lime & chilli seasoning & classic buffet coleslaw



Avocado, tomato and red chili salsa, iceberg lettuce and mint raita



Charred sweetcorn & green onion salsa, hot sauce & iceberg



3 soft corn tortillas all served w/ sweet potato fries, tajine spice, pomegranate molasses


Five spice hoi-sin chinese duck tacos

Five spice hoi-sin chinese duck w/ cucumber, spring onion and chinese cabbage 


Fish tacos

monkfish tails tempura battered,charred sweetcorn & green onion salsa,hot sauce & iceberg lettuce


Maple & chilli roast butternut squash tacos

w/ sweetcorn salsa, feta cheese , iceberg & mint raita beetroot slaw


Jamaican jerk chicken tacos (c)

w/ avocado salsa, iceberg lettuce, red pepper mayo, fried chorizo & shaved coconut



Char-grilled 10oz Irish Hereford striploin steak

w/ poutine fries, smokey bacon, black pepper sauce and cheese


Camarones ala mexicana, char-grilled skewered tiger prawns

w/ tomato,chilli, coriander & lime, spiced dirty rice, peas & corn


Char-grilled chermoula marinated swordfish (c)

w/ sweet potato fries, grilled aspargus, avocado salsa, pic de gallo


Southern fried chicken breast in golden parmesan crumb

w/ creamed sweetcorn, sweet potato fries, classic coleslaw & side of honey sirracha hot sauce


Moroccan spiced chickpea tagine

w/ sweet paprika & red peppers, char-grilled flat breads, mint raita, chunky beer batter onion rings


Kansas city truck stop burger

w/ double smoked streaky bacon, double mature cheddar. Beer batter onion ring, chilli beef & full salad garnish, jalapeños, sour cream & skinny fries


Char-grilled 8oz beef burger

w/ smoked streaky bacon & mature cheddar, iceberg, red onion, gherkins & tomato. Skinny fries



Sizzler platter all served w/ sliced peppers & fried onions, dirty, peas & corn. Soft flour tortillas


Grilled turkish halloumi

w/ tagine spiced chickpeas, roast butternut squash, red chilli & orange salsa, mint raita


Seared chermoula marinated swordfish

w/ lime, chilli & coriander


Char-grilled Jamaican jerk chicken breast

w/ sour cream, sweet chill & tomato


Grilled steak

w/ sliced top rib of beef, poblano peppers, mach ego in black pepper sauce



Indian spiced yellow split pea dahl


Skinny fries (v)


Poutine fries

w/ smokey bacon, black pepper sauce and mozzarella


Char-grilled corn on the cob (c) (v)

rolled in mayo & parmesan


Mexicana spiced dirty rice (c) (v)

w/ peas & sweetcorn


Sweet potato fries (v)

w/ tajine spice & pomegranate molasses




w/ brandy snap, hundreds & thousands


American apple pie tacos

 w/ cinnamon and whipped cream


Salt caramel popcorn (c)

w/ peanut butter ice-cream


NYC Nutella chocolate cheesecake



Mai Tai

Rum, lime, triple sec, orgeat, blackstrap molasses



Gin, rosewater, strawberry jam, lime


Live Good

Tequila, pink grapefruit, pineapple juice, homemade vanilla syrup



Rum, apricot liqueur, lime, pomegranate molasses


Burst Negroni

Campari, sweet vermouth, prosecco


Hot Stepper

Homemade vanilla + chilli syrup, vodka, Lillet Blanc, egg white, cherry bitters


TT Pisco Sour

Pisco, egg white, lemon, brûlée top


Baja Bamata

Tequila, peach liqueur, citrus, pineapple, bitters


Miss Blush

Whiskey, Chambord, fresh raspberry, lemon, ginger ale


Key Lime Ramos

Gin, lime + lemon, lime zest, lime oil, cream, egg white, soda


TT Dark N Stormy

Rum, blackstrap molasses, lime, ginger beer


Peachy keen

Lime, vodka, bitters and white peach


Whiskey smash

Lemon, mint, whiskey, sugar


Tt GnT

Kaffir infused gin, fresh lime and tonic.


Champion fizz

Lime, elderflower, bitters, prosecco.


Brunch sour

Bourbon, egg, grapefruit bitters, maple syrup, lemon


Mesquite old fashioned

Bourbon, bitters, sugar, liquid smoke.


Espresso martini

Patron Café XO, vodka and strong espresso


Amaretto sour

Amaretto, lemon juice, egg white


Pretty girl

Vodka, mango puree, lemon and prosecco.



Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice



Rum, limes, mint, club soda


Fly girl

Sloe Gin, Creme de voilette, lemon, maraschino liqueur


All Day Bloody Mary

Vodka, lemon, tomato juice, spice and heat



Orange juice, triple sec and Fizz



White peach, Creme de Peche and fizz


Wine List


Gruner Veltliner (Austria)

€8 / 23 / 34


€6 / 16.5 / 24

Castellargo, Prosecco Frizzante

Veneto, Italy. Refreshing, bubbly. Apples and white flowers.


Sauvignon Blanc (France)

€7 / 20 / 30

White wine cooler (1lt)

with Citrus, Elderflower, mint, pomegranate and soda



Merlot (Italy)

€7 / 20 / 30

‘Vin De Soil’ Malbec blend

€8 / 23/ 34

Tempranillo (Spain)

€6 / 16.5 / 24

TT Sangria (1ltr)

with orange juice, triple sec and Citrus



Castellargo, Prosecco Frizzante, Veneto, Italy

Refreshing, bubbly, apples and white flowers


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