We take reservations for 2-6 people via our online booking system.
We also hold tables for walk-ins, so if the system doesn’t have the time you want, you can come in and wait at the bar for a table.
We take bookings online for up to 15 people Sunday to Wednesday for dinner. For groups of 7 or more Thursday to Saturday for dinner, or groups of 7 or more for brunch on the weekend, please email
Please note we ask all groups of 7 or more on a Friday and Saturday night after 6.30pm to order from the set menu.

Our restaurant is a very busy one, we kindly ask parents with buggies to fold them on arrival, we can store the buggies in the basement. We cannot allow buggies in the main floor of the restaurant.

Our sittings times for groups of 5 ore more for dinner is 2 hours, for brunch its 1 hour 30 minutes.
For parties of 2 to 4 people for dinner, its 1 hour 30 mins. And for brunch, its one hour and 15 mins.

Brunch Menu


Veggie super nachos (v) (c)

w/ Indian spiced yellow split pea dahl, avocado salsa, melted cheddar, chilli sauce + jalapenos


Chicken & Waffles

w/ buttermilk waffles, chicken parmesan, classic coleslaw, sriracha + honey mustard, sweet potato fries


Hawaiian shrimp pop-corn cocktail (c)

w/ char-grilled pineapple & green chilli salsa, iceberg & sriracha mayo


Homer’s brunch

poutine fries w/ double fried eggs, smoked streaky bacon, cheese sauce & black pepper sauce  


Cajun spiced pork burrito

w/ 2 fried eggs, iceberg lettuce, navy beans

+ basmati rice, chipotle, ballymaloe relish,

side salad + home fries


Duck Hash

confit duck + home fries w/ black pepper sauce, 2 fried eggs + smokey black eye beans


Eggs royale (c)

w/ 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, asparagus, hollandaise & home fries  


Veggie breakfast (v) (c)

w/ flat caps, tomato, spinach, asparagus, 2 fried eggs & home fries


French toast stack

w/ smoked streaky bacon, Canadian maple syrup, watercress & tomato


Breakfast of champions

w/ sausage, streaky bacon, flat caps, Kelly’s black pudding, tomato, Boston baked beans, 2 fried eggs & home fries  


Super nachos (c)

BBQ chili beef, avocado & tomato salsa, melted cheddar, cheese, jalapeños and sour cream  


2 poached eggs on bagel

benedict w/ baked ham


Avocado on toast (v)

w/ char-grilled halloumi, pico de gallo salsa, 2 poached eggs, mint yogurt & sumac  


Crab cakes

w/ char-grilled asparagus, sweet potato fries, 2 poached eggs, vine tomato, rocket & hollandaise  


Huevos rancheros

2 fried eggs w/ soft parmesan polenta, spinach, vine tomato & chilli salsa

€11.95 (v)(c)

Jerk chicken brunch tacos (c)

w/ avocado salsa, fried chorizo,red pepper mayo, iceberg lettuce, coriander,chili & lime  


Char-grilled 8oz striploin steak 

  w/ home fries, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise  



Maple syrup




Flat cap mushrooms




Home fries


Boston baked beans



Salt caramel popcorn

w/ peanut butter ice-cream


San Lorenzos NY baked Nutella cheesecake


Mini jam doughnuts

w/ vanilla marscapone whipped cream  



w/ ginger snap, hundreds & thousands  


Taco Taco New Interior